Thursday, 24 November 2016

Natural Wine From Burgenland Wows The New World.

The fabulous wines of Burgenland are being discovered more and more.

One might say that the secret is out. Yes, our part of the world which is part of Austria and really a small one at that, makes wines that are wowing the world. I purposely say makes as saying creates might sound a bit unnatural.

Luckily for me, my parents in N.Y.C. send me links to anything pertaining to Burgenland's wine. There was a RAW / Natural Wine wine tasting in New York recently, and it was such a success, that wine lovers stood four deep to cue up for a sip of natural bliss.

New York Time's article

Natural wine, should be a wine that hasn't any additives apart from the sulphor. Natural wine also means the work in the vineyards is as organic or rather natural as can be. I tend to imagine it more as the way wine was made a hundred or more years ago. A time where chemicals weren't even thought of.

I am not saying that our friends or family drink too much, but when they come from all corners of the world to visit, it stands to reason that they try our local wine and at times too much of it...yet, not one has complained of a headache the next day.

One of the experts described Natural Wine as having personality and character. Doesn't that sound nice? At this wine tasting in New York, a wine estate from Burgenland vowed New Yorker's palates. A husband and wife team, one that I've seen a documentary of a while ago. Isn't it amazing how quality never goes unnoticed? Fantastic and about time that Burgenland's wines find a wider audience.

Wein Gut Oggau, Burgenland

The part of Burgenland that we live in is in the south, Südburgenland, and is home to so many natural wines, some of the wine makers only make enough for own use and some make much more. But they all make it with pride.

So happy and proud to live in this little paradise called Burgenland.

A mere bunch of grapes, but so much more... a way of life really.