Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Cat's Out Of The Bag: Deutsch Schuetzen-Eisenberg Is The Place To Be.

Deutsch Schützen-Eisenberg has been voted the best family friendly municipality in Burgenland.

What we locals have know all along, has been made official. We are an ideal place for a family to live. From Kindergarten, via primary school to a weekly senior's club.

Since the clip was aired on the Austrian TV Chanel, ORF, a feeling of pride has swept through our municipality like a wildfire. How could it not? Our mayor and his team are constantly working at making our municipality family friendly and it has paid off.

In the past, the trend has been to move to large cities, but I think the tide is turning and many are yearning for a less hectic lifestyle.

  • A lifestyle where parents can spend time with their kids while they are kids.
  • A place where kids can and do still play outside with their friends.
  • A place where many good high schools are within 10-30 kilometers and all covered by a bus service.
  • A place where the community has various clubs one can belong to: gardening club, theater club, fire department, youth club and many more.
  • A place with two highly experienced and wonderful doctors.
  • A place where senior citizens aren't forgotten. Card games, bus outings, walks etc.
  • A place where one can ride a bike, go for a run or a walk along the many different paths and be part of nature, with hardly any traffic.

Here is to the mayor and his team who have worked so tirelessly to give us a fantastic place to live in. Well done to our municipality.


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