Friday, 4 November 2016

The Man On The Ladder Among Other Things.

Not in everyone's garden.

Not always a welcome sight when I exit the forest joining Eisenberg and Deutsch Schützen. Far from it, most of the time it or rather he, catches me unawares and makes me startle.
An often seen scenery, but in each season it has a breathtaking quality about it. The valley clouded in a sea of fog with the only recognizable island appropriately being the local church.
A sturdy tree trunk setting the ambiance and giving more hue to the foliage at its base. A bit like the tree is holding court.
Walking passed this little pond was stunning. The sun had just risen and had switched on the ponds reflectors. Apart from running deep, still waters hold a lot of sublimity.
...Awaiting transformation in idle pulchritude...
As I started off with a hanging man, it is only fitting to finish with a working man. Bob working out Burgenland style...Who needs a gym when you live in the country?