Wednesday, 16 November 2016

My Gratitude For Nature's Splendour.

All seasons have their inherent charm about them.

This vibrant birch outshines all its neighbouring trees. This morning it was slightly overcast and less than bright, but this divine birch made my day.
Winter fodder for horses or cattle. These perfectly rounded bales are seen everywhere. This photo was taken on yesterday's walk and as you can see, it was chillingly cold. Minus five degrees some have said.
The last leaves left hanging are usually the most picturesque. In the background you can get a glimpse of the frozen blades of grass.
The charm of autumn. Cold, stark and yet magnetic in its ability to make one ponder the magnificence of life.
Again, in its unadorned starkness lies the true beauty. Be it of things to come ( wine of course ) or of the privilege of witnessing the seasonal changes of nature.
Aren't I blessed to be able to walk in these surrounds? A good way to mentally detox and change one's outlook.