Thursday, 3 November 2016

Common Courtesies Do Pack A Punch.

Surprisingly, they don't cost much either.

However much one stretches the imagination, Oberwart is not even close to being a city like Vienna, London or even Pietermaritzburg for that case, yet yesterday a touch of big city sentiment reared its superfluous head.

Living in the sticks as one might say, a trip into Oberwart ( which some of you might consider to be the sticks ) is an adventure and full of excitement for Bob and I. Yes, seriously. We get a chance to meander along the long hallways of our mall and for a moment get that feeling of ubiquity that only the standardized layout of malls can give. If you close your eyes, you could be anywhere.

Talking about being anywhere, Bob and I had many sightings of Dopplegängers yesterday and for a few moments we both had that feeling of confusion about seeing familiar faces in the wrong places.

Both Bob and I love the small town feel but somehow quiet a few shoppers do leave their nicer characteristics at the entrance of this mall. Faces get a more pinched look, impatience is apparent in the angle of heads and audible sighs, queues get cut into and are accompanied by almost a growling expression daring the person behind to veto the move.

One of our favourite shops to just walk into is Eduscho, where the minute you step over the threshold, a feeling of giddy happiness envelopes you. Well, me at least. Is there anything more divine than the smell of freshly roasted coffee?

Yesterday I queued up to purchase a pound of it. The selection is rather prolific and it can be hard to choose the right blend. Anyway, as per usual, the staff was extremely friendly and helpful even if there were some irate shoppers tapping their feet behind me.

Even paying for the coffee was a pleasure as in my mind I imagined that first cup of freshly brewed coffee the next morning. When she handed my purchase to me, I did what I usually do...

" Thank you so much. I hope you'll have a nice rest of the day too. "
You know, for a moment I thought I had said the wrong thing. The lady stepped back a half-step, her eyes opened wide into a saucer like state and more importantly she was speechless for a few seconds...but then:
" My gosh, thank you for saying this. You are the first customer in a long time who has actually wished for me to have a nice day. "

As much as I was thrilled with my pound of mood altering coffee beans, I was more pleased to have made a difference to her day.