Sunday, 27 November 2016

Oh, What A Copy-Cat.

Alarmingly, our window sills are endless...

It almost gets to the point where Bob and I get hissed at by other cat owners when we mention that our feline princess is a pure and utter house cat. She's got the run of the house and of course our hearts.

Since her majesty has moved in, our lovely feral cat, Tigger, has become more domesticated too. Despite our daily offerings of food, we still haven't been able to stroke her. Although, there is a ray of hope as the distance is closing.

Both of us are pretty sure that Tigger thinks that our Mausi is a descendant of a line of feline royals. How else would she explain to herself the fact that this little cat spends hours on our laps, sits on the couch, get's hand fed tidbits, chases a little blue rubber ball around and to top it off, she is as warm as toast inside.

You might ask how our feral cat knows this; well, for the last few months she ( in her old years ) has hefted herself onto our window sill in order to have a front seat to the royal lifestyle. At times she sleeps on it and I have to be honest and admit that a few times I did get a bit startled to see a big dark shadow looming outside the window.

As a loyal royal subject she spends hours on this sill, awaiting her feline audience. When we open the window, Mausi sniffs her for a few seconds, but then looses interest and goes back to her luxurious life. All under the yearning and watchful gaze of Tigger.

Bob even gives cat treats to our sill resident each day, which means that once or twice we've been able to give her a quick pat on the back. Rather cute.

If you remember, I did tell you that there is a long queue of 2-3 cats ( some feral and one from our neighbour down the road, who obviously doesn't serve as good a spread as we do ) each and every day waiting to get a bit from Tigger's bowl. Bob is so concerned that she might starve, that he stands watch after feeding her and often I can hear a;

" Shoo, get away you silly cat! "

Well, the other day I got a big surprise. As I walked into our bedroom I looked outside its window and stopped in my tracks. Can you believe it...there was another sill dweller in residence. A gray tabby has started to copy our cat Tigger and has taken ownership of the back bedroom window sill...

Dear cats and felines everywhere...we still have a few sills available...


Who's the boss here?