Tuesday, 1 November 2016

What Does A Typical Knitter Look Like?

Clearly not like me...!

From an early age I've had a love of knitting yet like all passions it has a tendency to ebb in and out of my life. At times the muse takes hold of me and I will fill every free minute with knitting and have several items on the go at the same time. In knitting circles these many objects have a proper name: U F O's or Un-fnished Objects.

When the last wave of knitting passion came to the fore, I knitted jerseys, bags, beanies and the odd scarf. Just look at my relations during a cold spell and how fetching they look in multi coloured and often ill fitting beanies.

After a few years of dormancy, I can feel the yawning of my muse and she should be fully awake within weeks. A wool shop is needed because as any lover of knitting knows, there is no better feeling than to step foot into a cozy knitting shop. "Shear" heaven being surrounded by balls of wool, oodles of ideas and fellow knitting addicts.

Yesterday, I mentioned my reawakened passion to my walking group, and was rather surprised when one of them burst out laughing. Clearly she doesn't think I have the look of a knitter or perhaps doesn't credit me with the dexterity needed. This has happened before, and it makes me wonder if knitting is still thought of as a grandmotherly hobby?

When I excitedly mentioned to Bob my intention of picking up needles again, he only had one thing to say:

" As long as you don't knit a pair of jeans for me. I won't wear them!"
Either he has watched one too many episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond, or he hasn't told me all the embarrassing childhood bits that marked his youth...could his mum or gran have knitted him an un-trendy pair of trousers and more importantly, expected him to wear them?

Now there is a challenge indeed, maybe not trousers but I think I could manage to knit him a pair of undies!!! Depending on the severity of my reawakened knitting passion, there might be a new trend starting in Eisenberg with some sporting a knitted item made by yours truly.