Thursday, 10 November 2016

A Mere Picture Might Change Your Mindset.

Let's lead our thoughts into a more positive direction.

Icy frost was all about, yet this faded old wagon wheel propping up our barn, was a perfect foil for this vine leaf. Yellow, vibrant, alive. A nice image to stumble over.
It was a dicey and rather icy walk yesterday morning but so very worth it. Seeing the frosted blades of grass, aging leaves and everything else be awoken by the sunshine, was magical. The frost seemed like a diamond coating.
Alongside the walking path, which was rather treacherous with its own coating of ice, was a constant vying of impressions, soul refreshing ones. Yes, it is a muddy field combined with a green verge, but isn't it stunning? The depth of brown contrasting with the flashy green.
It was a miracle that I got home at all...wherever I turned, something beautiful caught my eye.
As I wanted this post to take your mind of current world affairs, I couldn't resist putting in these next two pictures. I took them in November 2014 and 2015, but as I like them, I thought I'd post them for you.
Have a fantastic day...