Tuesday, 15 November 2016

We Cat Owners Are A Pretty Delusional Bunch!

One word sums it up: pet shop emporium.

Fellow cat owners do get along almost from the start and can hone in on each other at any party or function. Might have to do with part of our cat's fur deigning to recline on our clothes. The other evening was a prime example.

As you know, we have the odd occasion where the princess refuses any and all tidbits brought to her on a sliver platter. Bob and I rearrange and change our shopping excursions in order to have a shot at tempting the royal pallet. How many times have the two of us inched slowly down the isles of the local pet emporium almost coming to a marital spout over the choice of cow or wild boar?

Gosh, there are rows upon rows of appetizing feline fare. From expensive to cheap, from exotic to ridiculous and here lies the crux of the matter, which we were discussing with a fellow cat owner:

" You know, we've even bought her a can of wild boar cat food
and she won't touch it. "
" When did your cat last hunt a wild boar? "

And just like that, the big illusion that we've bought into suddenly collapsed like the proverbial house of cards. Our princess would never hunt and kill a boar, let alone a cow, rabbit, or kernel of rice. Gosh, when an odd cricket or spider crosses her path, she might play with it but never ever eat it.

The one delectable morsel she would love to munch on would be the eternal feline foe, the irritatingly fast mouse. Domestic or wild, any mouse is a cat's delight. Which brings me to my question...why don't they sell nicely apportioned bits of mouse as cat food?

  • Mouse julienne
  • Mouse tartar
  • Deep fried mouse
  • Steamed lean cuisine mouse
  • Curried mouse
  • Sweet and sour mouse

Since we've moved into rural territory, we've been made aware of the prolific appearance of mice. Once the crops get cut in Autumn, mice try and find a gap to enter the warm haven of a house. Mice, as cute as they look in Tom & Jerry are actually rather dangerous inside. Why then not use them as prepacked cat food?

Anyway, one guy who's way ahead of this new trend is our nephew. He's only seen our feline princess via Skype, but he has made up his mind to bring her a mouse the next time he comes for a visit.