Friday, 25 November 2016

" Miaow, Miaow! That's Not My Job, Is It? "

Our little princess goes on strike, alas a domestic one.

You know I was going to title it: The Queen of Eisenberg..., but I didn't want to offend a few of the local doyennes. Oh, even the the smallest of ponds there is a pecking order, if not a bigger one! I could have unwittingly hit a bull's eye and let the cat out of the bag, ahem!

For those of you who've been hosts to a family of mice, you will understand when I say that the nose knows first. Those pesky little rodents mark their territories with over exuberance. A male mouse perhaps?

Our princess first entered our home for the express purpose of hunting down last year's family of murine lodgers. She seemed to do the job as for a while no mouse dared to enter our suddenly dangerous home. I have got to hand it to our cat, she is fast and furious with only one flaw...she's hardly ever hungry.

Apart from being extremely well fed, she is also tends to turn a deaf ear to certain commands " catch the mouse, don't scratch the door / stop purring while I sleep." which points to only one thing...a spoiled cat.

Back to this year's family of mice. They need to be chased out of our four walls and at times it sounds like they are literally in a wall, and in a way that doesn't hurt our princess.

Old fashioned, simple and highly efficient mice guillotines won't do. The princess certainly will try and eat the piece of cheese in the trap.

Today, Bob and I will order some mouse traps that capture each and every rodent efficiently and in a healthy alive state. Which brings me to our next perceivable problem...where to let the captured Von Trapped Family free. It can't be too close to our house as they are then just going to turn tail so to speak and come back home.

Hold thumbs that these humane traps work, or our princess will have to be put on a diet. Oh, and also that we don't by mistake wander into your garden while letting the mice meander out of the traps.