Friday, 18 November 2016

Donau Soja, Another Reason I love Austria.

We are what our chicken, pig or cow ate.

We often eat without a regard for what the animal ate first, although I think that this year the plot has thickened through the many petitions against genetically modified food ( organism ) online. The proverbial line in the sand with one side being GMO free and the other GMO

Of course as with anything of that magnitude, profits call the shots most of the time, unless we as consumers change our buying habits.

In 2012 a new initiative was started right here in Austria by a group of young, talented and passionate people, the Donau Soja initiative. The main objective is the cultivation and processing of GMO-free soya within the Danube region of Europe and then labeling the final product
( produced from animals fed with this soya ) with their stamp. A stamp that we consumers can easily recognize and support.

Here is a link to their website, which explains their objectives DonauSoja

Just think about it...not only can we buy one less item that has been genetically engineered and put one less manipulated food source into our bodies but buy choosing food that was mainly or partly fed with Donau Soja we help reduce our carbon footprint. The soya is grown along the Danube river region.

In today's world it is extremely difficult to only eat healthy and " safe " foods, but I always find that every little bit counts and if I can buy some of the products of animals that have been mainly fed with this locally grown and safe Donau Soja, my body will thank me later on.

After seeing this documentary yesterday I had a look at our collection of old egg cartons and was amazed, pleased and so happy to find that two of them had the label on them.