Thursday, 17 November 2016

A Time For Documentaries, Reading and Knitting.

The world seems obsessed.

Love him or hate him, the people have democratically chosen and the results should be accepted as otherwise it makes a mockery out of any election. Let the man do and then judge.

What really makes no sense to me, is that most reporters clinch onto a campaign promise ( which by the way would be harmful if carried out ) and remind him again and again of having said it. How many unrealistic ideas have we all said in the heat of battle, knowing we'd never carry it out? Maybe the Saving Face policy wouldn't be a bad thing.

This morning I nearly choked on my coffee with laughter, when an American news presenter mentioned that he had been neutral and had treated both candidates the same during the last two years. Ha, nice one, trying to be a bit sycophantic.

Facebook has also become ( or maybe I wasn't aware of it before ) a place of vitriol and not much fun anymore. Hopefully it'll calm down, but in the meantime, it has afforded me the leisure of pursuing a different genre of entertainment.

Documentaries of all shapes and sizes. Some are foodie orientated, some historical and some with a dash of real crime. A nice and welcome change from all the news programs and talk shows.( English, American or German ).

Knitting a scarf while learning about the ancient Romans is great. Calming in fact and a wonderful way to change from this recent fatalistic mindset to a more gentler one. One, where the future looks mostly fine.

Bob and I have ordered a few books online. Of course I am not proud of it, as I am more in favour of supporting bricks and mortar shops, but in our part of Burgenland it is jolly difficult to find books published in English.

The upshot of it is that the two of us are so excited about the prospect of reading, that each time we see our postman at our gate, we ask him about our parcel. Maybe today!

As history is an important way to learn about the behaviour of people and nations and how it might shape the outcome of the future, Bob and I have ordered a book on world history from the beginning of time. This book is the one we're both so excited about and as there is only the one, there might be a few minor tiffs about who can read it first...


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