Monday, 28 November 2016

A Weekend Of Advent Events In Our Village.

A weekend of mingling, singing, eating and dare I say drinking.

Deceptively simple yet a powerful proof that our village is alive and happening. The annual advent event, has everything needed for a village to function. Small villages in general aren't often as vibrant as they should be, but our mayor and his council have managed to make our village attractive for families.

Sadly, or perhaps just as well, the world at large hasn't cottoned on to the privilege of living in a small village. All and sundry make the grand tour of a stressed out life in a big city as their mission in life, in the mistaken belief that life in a small village is not livable or enjoyable.

Anyway, as small as we are, we have enough youngens for a kindergarten with two teachers and also a primary school with four classes. Only when you see the kids performing at events, does it sink in how fortunate our village is. Funny how life works, but kids attract kids and quite a few new families have moved into our area.

Just by observing the crowd, I noticed quite a few toddlers, babies and a baby to be. Brilliant, when you consider that the sum total of our village ( actually 5 boroughs or villages ) is about 1100 people.

With kids come of course parents, and there is a strong parent's network. Parents who support the various clubs in the village and by doing so cement their links with each other.

On Saturday the local kindergarten had most of their charges either singing or reciting poems that they've written. The audience was big and parents were vying for a spot to take videos. Two to three generations of each family were there. The Urlies or rather the great grand parents were also there beaming with pride.

Sunday evening saw the lighting of the first advent candle on the village electric one. But, in a good village, it is a reason to come out and be there. The local choir sang seasonal songs and evoked a magical Christmas feeling, while one of the local clubs provided a spread and just like that old friends reconnected, new ones made connections and others mingled and caught up on each other's life.

Of course you can attend the lighting of the first advent candle in big cities, but chances are that you won't even know the people standing next to you...