Tuesday, 22 November 2016

In The Scheme Of Things And So Forth.

History, life and gratitude...

As you know I've been entering the world of history one page at a time and haven't even made it to 2000 BCE, yet, it has made me ponder. Oh, the term BCE did also stump me, but I looked it up and found out that it means: Before Common Era or also, previous to year 1.

History shapes, or should shape our foundation of thoughts and ideas and just by reading about the hunter gatherers, it makes me appreciate what I have.

You know, I can't remember the last time I've had to go out and spear supper, drag it home, skin it and cook it over an open fire!

Sometimes, stepping back and getting a wider perspective of life is a good idea. Especially nowadays where everything good, bad and ugly is magnified a million times through our love of social media. Envy of other people's life is easily felt, yet we forget that most of the picture perfect entries are made up, glamourized and a tad bit exaggerated.

Being grateful is one of life's simple yet so powerful secrets to being happy. Alas, we don't pay it that much attention because most of us want a bigger bit of everything. Funnily enough, having everything isn't always a passport to happiness...

What is happiness after all?

  • Being healthy.
  • Being in relationship isn't full of friction and arguments.
  • Having enough to eat, each and every day.
  • Having a place to call home.
  • Family that is there for you in the good and bad times.
  • Having a warm jacket /shoes / home during winter because many people don't.

It sounds simplistic, but when I read about the lives of long ago, a time where if you were hungry, you'd have to go out and hunt, it suddenly moves modern simplistic into the column of luxurious.