Monday, 7 November 2016

Tomorrow's American Elections Emit A Touch Of Nostalgia For Me.

School revisited.

Maybe it was only in my era, the notorious 80's complete with Aha, Depeche Mode and of course the enduring Mad-onna. School had to be endured but had the odd moments of lassitude and laizez-faire.

The 80's was book ended onto the 70's, that decade where everyone of course had to have a tan ( by the way, some women still persist that they have to sport a prune like tan and pretzel themselves on those awful tanning beds ) , gold jewellery and a crush on John Travolta. The tan craze eventually mingled with the 80's craze to be thin. The 80's was a hotbed of diets.

Gosh, the Atkins Diet, Beverly Hill's Diet, Rosmary's Diet along with many many others complete with Jane Fonda's aerobics tape were constantly on our minds or a part of our daily life. Yes, stupid really.

Now to those nostalgic events during my years in high school...Every now and again a rumour was started and went viral the old fashioned way by being whispered from one ear into the other. By the way, thank you to whoever did start those rumblings.

" Have you heard, that in two weeks time life on earth will end? "

Seriously, I can still remember sitting around with friends during break time, munching on the fashionable celery and carrot sticks and suddenly being thrown this Get out of your diet for good card. never mind the obvious worry about the world coming to an end!

Those few times that these rumours kept on reappearing, were the times we lived without a real care in the world. Break-times were suddenly inundated with toasted cheese sandwiches, chocolates, chips and Chelsea buns. Tests that were scheduled in those rare weeks, often weren't studied for at all, why bother at all if life would end?

Fast forward to today and it being the last day before this rather un-gentlemanly like American election and you sort of get my might change on Wednesday for a lot of people and it might loosen the tight binds of conventions and restrictions we have put into our daily life.

But just like those fatalistic rumours of my youth, whatever the outcome on Wednesday, life will adjust and more importantly, go on.


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