Friday, 16 February 2018

A Back Is Turned.

Small stuff does create happiness...

Since we've moved in here we've been providing culinary support for our feral cat for a number of reasons; we were fresh of the turnip truck and believed she couldn't catch her own, we liked having the word cat-owners apply and she was so darn pretty. Well, still is although her hips are giving her sporadic spots of bother and her stomach almost dusts the floor. Oh, and she keeps lolling her tongue out.

Since Bob's created a windowsill abode for her, she has finally understood that we are not creatures to be feared but are there to help her. How else could she interpret the luxurious piece of lamb skin, padded cat-bed and various old woolen socks and jerseys clustering her nest? I think the penny has dropped for her. I have mentioned that she gets extra portions of food to enjoy her retirement with, haven't I ?

We've been able to gently stroke her in that lair but as soon as we put food out for her, she scatters at great speed although a bit hindered with her aching hips.

Coming back from work yesterday morning I saw her lazying out on the ledge, soaking up every bit of sunshine. When I walked past her, close enough that she normally would madly scatter, she looked at me and stayed. Well well I thought, now that is a change and worth a closer inspection.

Through her vantage point outside our lounge window she's been privy to the many and numerous ways that we spoil Mausi including her ultimate show of feline love when she flips onto her back and exposes her belly to be rubbed.

As I stopped next to Tiggi and reached out to stroke her she stayed put and to my utter amazement, she proceeded to flip onto her back, letting me stroke her tummy. No mean feat on a narrow ledge but she so enjoyed it, that her tongue was out at the side of her mouth and she was drooling and purring with utter pleasure and dare I say, love.

After seven years of not being able to touch, let alone stroke her, this new show of trust has melted my heart even further and reminded me that true happiness can't be bought...


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