Saturday, 17 February 2018

The Lure Of A Bread And Butter Pudding.

A Saturday afternoon in culinary climes.

Bob and I went grocery shopping as one does on a Saturday morning and it seems half of Oberwart was at Merkur. For once both of us were more than peckish, almost bordering on hungry and overdid the " each of us can get a snack to go " thing. For some reason we've ended up with a weekend of snack lunches!

My personal downfall is and always will be the bread department and to this day I find it hard to walk past fresh bread without at least getting a small roll. Bob, ever the grown-up, got a baked pizza bread ( healthy indeed ) and as I was hovering, dithering and deciding he shouted across to me that there was a huge loaf of yesterday's bread at half price.

Surreptitiously I did the finger test and even through the paper bag I could tell that it had plenty of life left in it. Toast and brie, toast and butter or toast with avocado images were flitting through my mind. I put the bread into the trolley. Done and dusted.

At home I had a quick squiz at my Facebook and eerily, the recipe for bread and butter pudding was circling about. Don't you also find it spooky how they seem to know your wants, needs and desires almost before you do? Well, now that I Googled for a quicker recipe of it, my social media will be inundated with tips, photos and ideas about baking.

As we speak, the pudding is in the oven and soon the kitchen will be alive with baking aromas, memories of the past and two very content pudding tasters...

' All the proofe of th' pudding, is in the eating. ' ( William Camden 1605 )


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