Monday, 26 February 2018

Birds And Their Love Of Nesting In Insulation.

Old fashioned walls seem safer.

Sporadic holes in outside walls are a great indicator of modern insulation. It took me a while to realize that only those house walls that are covered in a layer of insulation are all the rage for some birds to peck their nests.
Cheekily sitting atop their new abode tweeting about life's ups and downs...
This little homeowner has made itself comfortable and is inspecting his realm.
I braved the elements on Sunday morning, but not for long. It must have been close to minus 13 and despite being dressed warmly, the icy cold wind did anything but caress my face. Yikes it was cold but the play of light on trees and snow was lovely.
A layer of snow had embedded itself on most branches, settling in for the next few days. No chance of it melting anytime soon despite the odd sunshine.
I wish I could convey to you the divine sparkling of the individual sun's rays meeting the icy crystals making up this snow. Absolutely worthwhile braving that cold. The vineyards were clothed in white layers interspersed with frozen puddles between the rows. Winter, cold and icy but nevertheless very scenic.