Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Another Gold For Austria.

An icy piste makes for exiting viewing.

Thank goodness Bob and I have the ability to re-watch a weeks worth of TV programs. Missed a thriller? No problem, watch it later. Of course it is a godsend for these current Olympic games. Time difference means that we have to wake up at two in the morning to see skiing live.

We don't subscribe to any TV times which normally isn't a problem but with the time difference and my alpine skiing being sandwiched between Bobsledding and Curling, it becomes a bit difficult to see my races.

Well, I managed to watch a race but had to watch it on the German channel as opposed to our Austrian one. What a change and what a great way to appreciate our Austrian commentators. Seriously, they make any ski race fun, educational and pepper it with delightful personal tidbits about the skiers. Plenty of gossip there!

They are as enthused ( well maybe a bit extra for the home boys ) about American, German or British skiers as they are about Austrian ones. I must say, it wasn't the same to listen to the German commentator after having been spoiled with the fun way or our Austrian guys.

Hans Knauss, Thomas Sykora, Armin Assinger, Alexandra Meissnitzer and co are fabulous. They make watching fun. Thank you for that, ORF.

Marcel Hirscher won a gold medal for the combined run although the new German wunderkind, Thomas Dressen who is brilliant and humble, lead the downhill leg of the race. Nail biting stuff indeed which only bodes well for Thursday when the proper downhill and super-g are being run...good times ahead and may the best person win.