Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Deutsch Schuetzen's Awash With Swashbuckling Husbands.

A case of last minute shopping.

Driving through Deutsch Schützen a few minutes ago I was struck, perhaps even dumbstruck at seeing a few men exit our village shop with nothing but a rose in their hands. Three guesses who for...

Valentine's is alive and well with chocolates and flowers being given. It made me chuckle to myself seeing a husband ( of course I know whose husband it is ) emerge victorious from the village shop. He might have been one of the last lucky ones to evade the spousal silent treatment. Who can tell how many flowers Frau Wachter ordered. Honestly I didn't think that so many romantics still graced our village. Unexpected but brilliant.

The Bobster and I aren't that sentimental or rather, we don't like to follow the herd. As I mentioned to him earlier this morning, every day is like Valentine's with him. He still opens doors for me, he makes me a cup of tea now and then, he asks me how my day was and he complements me for most suppers made...the flip side of ignoring my culinary excursions and experiments would be a few of his least favourite dishes six days a week...

A local high school girl was also walking alongside the road as I drove home and I noticed that she was holding a flower bouquet of sorts. It took my mind back to school days and the nervous jitters some of us endured hoping that somebody might have been kind enough to leave a trinket for Valentine's.


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