Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Hooting, Fighting And A Valiant Villager.

Never a dull moment it seems.

Just as I was conveying the ins and outs of when to use some & any to my extra lesson kid, I heard hooting outside. Bob was hidden behind earphones and I had to shout for him to go have a look. It was dark already and perhaps it wasn't meant for us. Bob muttered at being torn from his game but went to go and have a look out the front window.

Trying to explain the futility of asking a question where one expects a " yes " answer ( exception for using some instead of any in a question ), I had half an ear tuned in to the ensuing dialogue out of the front window until Bob returned;

" You better come and speak to this guy. I don't quite know what he wants. "
Oh well, off I trotted and opened the door to extreme cold, hissing and growling and a concerned villager standing next to his idling car. What now.
" Your two cats are busy killing each other. I think you should do something before they hurt themselves. "
Good grief as if I would hurl myself between two fighting tomcats, feral tomcats that is. Not even ours as I was trying to convey to him. Of course I had seen them around because frankly, our menu must have been of excellent quality of late as all and sundry seem to turn up without a reservation. But, never mind how, this man seriously wanted me to intervene in the most atrocious bit of feline turf war. They had formed a big circle and like a football were brawling, rolling and bumping all over our front yard while emitting the most unattractive whines, growls and hisses.

There was no way I would even consider risking a scratched arm, leg or face while these two Lotharios decided to sort out who's who in the feline zoo. No, with an explanation of having to carry on working, I called in the big guns... Bob.

I went inside, passed Bob at the entrance hall and hissed at him to sort out the fight outside. He thought I was mad, but still went outside where our concerned villager was beaming his torch at the two cats, who of course ignored him blithly. Bob it seems did the only think he could think of by chasing them around the side of our building. It appeased our friend, but I wasn't sure if the two egos had survived the fight and night...until just now, when one after the other graced our windowsill in search of a meal.

As I mentioned to Bob last night, we are well on the way of becoming those crazy cat people. Might as well call it a day and paint a cat on the side of our house, just like the real cat-lady who looks after at least twenty stray cats...