Sunday, 18 February 2018

Summer Time, Winter Time And Now, Olympian Time.

It's all in the timing.

I suppose it is my own fault for being a hardened ski fan. What's a person to do when such high caliber events are taking place in the wrong time zone? Waiting to find out the results the next day ( actually often it is instantaneous ) doesn't quite cut it. The thrill of following the race from the first skier, the first fall, the first best time and the first upset is what it is all about. If not, then most sports clubs wouldn't be around.

Despite often not sleeping well, now that I have an official reason to get up at two am, my body rebels in sleepiness. Honestly, bad timing. Anyway, the whole of last week I've been keeping to my new Olympian time frame and I am glad I have as the most amazing, thrilling and interesting skiing upsets and history have been happening in front of our own eyes.

Bob and I are ardent fans who've been privy to most races throughout the world cup season. Even not knowing these athletes from a bar of soap, they have become familiar to us and we've been there for their ups, downs and disappointments. Sounds silly, but isn't that what being a follower of sports is all about?

Most mornings at six o'clock the races have finished and suddenly, the day is very long. By ten my body thinks it's lunchtime and issues the appropriate signals. Three o'clock morphs into six and so on. Getting up so very early makes the day extremely long but one can fill it with so much more. Reading, writing or eating.

Another week of early starts most surely will change my body clock the same way the summer time schedule does. For better or for worse depends on one's point of view.


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