Friday, 23 February 2018

Lucky Friday!

Or rather, free Friday.

Today was and I suppose still is one of these days earmarked by Zurich as important enough to warrant an SMS. Yes, snow of gargantuan proportions was expected. Fair enough, we are technically still in winter despite the recent spat of spring weather conning some of us into shorts & t-shirts. Bob went to work but they decided to give it a rest due to snow and wind affecting their work. Yes, Bob had a snow day!

Not often that Schatzi is home early and that made us decide to go to town to fill up our larder. As we mostly grace town once a week it means a shop on all fronts. Petrol, coffee, groceries ( Hofer doesn't stock Eduscho coffee ), pharmacy and Lagerhaus. Yes, we were busy bees.

There is an Eduscho shop at our mall which is obviously stocked with their flagship coffees and other incidental stuff connected to coffee...underwear, frying pans, slippers, jewelry and pyjamas.

We have a loyalty card and as it's at the front of my purse I use it whenever we buy coffee. If not why not! At the moment we both love their Black & White blend of beans and bought two packs. We were standing at the counter when suddenly the shop assistant smiled and told us:

" Oh, today you don't have to pay. Your loyalty points will cover this purchase. "
My gosh, we were giddy with delight and couldn't believe our good luck.

At DM next door, where we also have a loyalty card, the lady at the till told us that all our purchases came to 1,5 euros. Bob and I were stunned until she coughed politely and said:

" Oops, so sorry, I misread the comma. It is actually 15 euros. "
Well, we did think it was too good to be true.

On our way home we stopped at the petrol station close to Grosspetersdorf to appease our car's thrust. Bob did the filling and I went inside the little shop to pay. As they also are agents for selling Lotto, I couldn't resist as the pot tonight stands at 174 Million Euros. Not too shabby now is it? The lady processed my ticket when I heard a beeping sound. Suddenly she started to smile and said:

" Oh, you've won a free random entry for tonight's draw. "
Now, if that's not an omen, then I don't know... Imagine that, two freebees on one day can only mean good things ahead...