Wednesday, 21 February 2018

An Interesting Walk.

A Wednesday morning full of surprises.

The snow hasn't yet decided to morph into amphibian shape and coupled with below zero temperatures it made for careful steps. Our Eisenberg walking group is not fazed by rain, ice or cold weather. Fantastic and with that in mind I ventured out this morning despite a spousal appeal to stay home.

The first hundred meters made slow going and I didn't think anyone would show but I have underestimated my crew...they were waiting, dressed like mummies. Fantastic to see such enthusiasm, just love it. Anyway, we decided to use the tar roads as they were free from treacherous icy patches. At one stage I imagined we'd walk back and forth the Hummergraben road but we were talking so much that we kept on going.

We ran into Bob who was on his way to pick up work supplies. There are quite a few white work vans cruising about the vineyards which meant that I only blew kisses to the driver when I could read the number plate clearly. Nothing better than having a chance to see Schatzi. Yes, he stopped next to us and handled the fact that three ladies were grinning at him with aplomb.

A bit further along we ran into the man with the Huskies. Sounds like an extra from Dances with Wolves and he wouldn't be out of place on either pole. He and his huskies joined us for a part of our sojourn and we had a nice chat with him. As he is also new to our area, he wasn't offended when we posed many a question and the funny thing was that he has garnered enough local knowledge to part with a few interesting village tidbits. It's always us supplanted lot who take the time to ask...just being nosy, I suppose.


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