Thursday, 1 February 2018

A Hint Of Winter Again.

An early walk in crisp and clear winter's air.

Bare and bereft yet still hauntingly beautiful. A place to be in the moment. A place to ponder and a place to dream.
I love seeing this sign as it reminds me of lobster and champagne...Fittingly a view of the upper echelons of Eisenberg.
Imagine taking some time out of your hectic life and spending a month in the Kellerstock on the hill. All that's needed are your favourite books, snacks and wine...although, wine is part of the environment.
As the sun touched those blades they came alive with sparkle and glitter.
We do have curves in Eisenberg! A little stretch of Hummergraben
Hard to believe that in a few months time the gold of Eisenberg will be ripening on the vines. Living amid the vineyards makes the four seasons expand to a few more. The season to prune, the season to clean and the season to harvest...