Sunday, 4 February 2018

Better Late Than Never.

Discovering the sheer joy of hankering down with a Lee Child thriller.

Bob was the first to read it as it was on the list of books he'd ordered over Christmas. Apart from his love of sci-fi and fantasy, we more or less can read the same books although he draws the line at my historical romances. Who can blame the man...

Last weekend Bob only emerged from the covers of this Lee Child thriller to eat or have a shower. It had been a long time since a book has drawn him in like that and last night, as I was off to bed I noticed the well thumbed book on the bookshelf and managed to read the first few paragraphs before dropping off to sleep.

This morning I deemed the roads to be too icy for a walk knowing full and well that I had a couch and book waiting for me. Is there anything nicer than dawdling a Sunday morning away reading, eating and drinking tea? Not all books can or should be high prose and reading a contemporary thriller is exactly what's needed to blend out all the blah blah happening on the news.

A novel with a strong main character, even better that Jack Reacher is a man in uniform, is pure entertainment gold. In a way it is quite nice that I've discovered this author so late because now I don't have to wait for each new book to be released.

Isn't it fantastic that there are over twenty Jack Reacher novels waiting to be read by Bob and I? An indulgence beyond words for any bibliophile and as of today Lee Child has gained two more devoted readers.