Thursday, 15 February 2018

Surely Almost Half Of Austria Was Wide Awake At Two This Morning.

Ditto here on this Super Skiing Thursday.

If I had felt the inclination to do a recce, I might have seen most of Eisenberg lighting up a dark night, heard coffee machines grinding noisily away and seen hair all over the place while all took pride of place in front of the tv.

Honestly, why they have to hold Olympics, especially the winter ones in a place so far away of the majority of fans, is puzzling. Yes, finally the weather was kind enough to let the alpine ski races go ahead after a delay of four days. An eternity for us fans and long enough to make most of us set our alarm clocks for the ungodly hour of two a.m. ( Just found out that even mum stayed awake for it )

Bob slept through but Mausi and I watched most of both races taking turns to drop into the land of twenty winks once or twice. The cup of tea I brewed left much to be desired in the caffeine department, but the roar of the Delonghi would have surely woken up Bob.

The races were worth it though, although the Austrian skiers had a bit of an off day which is sad for them as there was only the one chance to go for gold or its two cousins. Oh well, someone has to win and why not Norway and America.

It seems that the Koreans aren't fond of or interested in skiing as a sport to enthuse about, so that sadly the crowd was thin and mostly speckled with expats and family. The other Korea's cheerleaders were a bright spot in their red uniforms and sang with an appropriate enthusiasm. Their boss went to a Swiss boarding school after all and perhaps he enjoys the wintry sports.

Despite waking up at such an early time, I have to admit that it is exciting and fun to do something out of the ordinary. Luckily for me I now have a blue print of what, where and how because tonight ( or rather early tomorrow ) the next lot of races are run...