Tuesday, 20 February 2018

When Zurich Says Snow, It Snows.

Waking up to a white wonderland.

The rumours went into overdrive yesterday and the evening text from Zurich confirmed it. Fifteen centimeters of snow was on the way starting in the middle of the night. Nice one.

Early this morning as I went to open the windows, I couldn't believe how white everything looked. The road itself was covered with much more than the usual dusting of snow. When in winter why not have a proper one. Snow is part and parcel of winter and the first fall can weaken the least enthusiastic winter dweller. Bob luckily got distracted by the beauty of it.

Not for long as he had to go to work and as I waved him goodbye at the door, I did feel a twinge of empathy because it was chilly indeed. Mausi had permanently flopped herself on top of the radiators and barely twitched her tail to wave goodbye.

The falling snow beckoned me to go for a walk but I had to hurry to get going before the big bad tractor cleared the byways of Eisenberg. As kindly as it is meant, it wrecks havoc on walkers. Snow gives traction but depressed snow gives you a go...might as well ice-skate. Of course he was on his second run by the time I ventured outside. It took me about a hundred meters of slowly edging along close to the verge before I got into untouched territory.

Lovely indeed to be the first to trod on powdery snow. I high-stepped the forest lane around our pond and despite the heavily falling snow, it was magical. Meandering about outside while snow is twirling merrily is wonderfully refreshing for the complexion which tends to take on a Victorian hue. Except for the old nose...that stubbornly tends to mimic old Rudolph...

And the snow keeps on falling...