Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Toiletries, How Aptly Named.


On Sunday we did a grocery shop across the border and somehow as I write this it makes me think of times long gone when the English were smuggling wine and brandy across the channel. By the way, I might have done the same.

Either winter or washing dishes by hand or both make for incredibly dry skin. Wrinkly and not a pretty sight for sure. Normally I use a generic aroma free cream but when I happened across a nice container of Norwegian hand lotion I couldn't resist. Surely they, being on the front lines of winter would make a potion disguised as a lotion to make hands youthful again.

As it wasn't that much more expensive I bought a bottle for myself and Bob. Men have to have skin flaying off their hands before they put hand lotion on. Anyway, when we got back I put the lotion on the bathroom shelf and left it there for later use. Cooking and so forth needs bare hands.

Fast forward to bedtime when I opened the bottle with excited enthusiasm ( new and a promise of smooth soft hands ) and liberally applied it to hands and arms. Feeling like a princess I sat up against my plumb pillows reading my Jack Reacher book, when all of a sudden Bob wrinkled his nose unattractively and mumbled:

" Did you just use the toilet spray? "
How dare he...! Honestly, since when is the scent of roses associated with toilet spray? Suffice to say that from now on this Norwegian bottle will grace the guest bathroom and last a number of years.