Saturday, 21 April 2018

A Day Of Bottles And Wine.

Tonight I'll dream of bottles for sure.

Bob and I have just come home from a day spent at the cellar, bottling numerous wines. Uhubler, Blaufränkisch and Grüner Veltiner. It was a gorgeous day outside and as we had the cellar doors wide open we didn't miss anything or anyone. The vineyards were teeming with visitors, cyclists and those looking for a boozy lunch.

The odd few slowed down enough in order to look into our cellar but as we were really tethered to bottles, we couldn't take note. At one stage mum and I each had two bottles hanging off the filling contraptions, one eye each on turning the pump on and off and the other on making sure enough empty bottles were on hand.

It sounds deceptively easy but at high speed it got a bit frenzied resulting in a few wine puddles on the floor. There were five of us and we made a good team where each knew more or less what to do. At one stage mum and I resembled a sketch straight out of Dinner for one and if only one of us had had a free hand we'd have set records on YouTube. At least the five of us had a good giggle at all of our antics...

The cleaning up afterwards is not that nice but needs to be done regardless of how tired one is. The men drove the filled bottles slowly to another cellar for storage. Even that is hard going as the heavy crates need to be taken down a set of old stone steps. But all's well that ends well.

The final task for the day was a debriefing at Bruni's over a big slice of Kümmelbraten Brot and a few spritzers. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday!