Thursday, 26 April 2018

Bob The Flower Slayer!

A case of mistaken identity.

A few days ago Bob and I set off on a round of gardening around the vineyards. Specifically we sort out the lawns for the Kellerstöckls for hire. The bees have had their fill so we didn't feel bad to be buzz cutting the lawns.

One of the cottages had guests staying in it and I went to tell them that we'd quickly mow their patch of lawn for ten minutes to which they replied that we could take twenty as well. They were in their sixties, drove a Prius, had a couple of books open next to the deck chairs and generally gave off the impression of being aging hippies, albeit with a dash of academia.

Bob was busy brush cutting the perimeter when the husband came up to me and asked if he could show me something at the bottom of the garden. Intreguied I followed him and along the way he told me that he'd discovered a rare special flower growing there. He pointed it out to me and asked;

" Would it be possible to not mow this flower down as it is very special? "

" Oh, of course. I'll tell Bob to mow around it. "
As Bob was just then cutting on the side of the fence, I got his attention and over the idling of the brush cutter told him about the special flower. Told him and pointed at it a few times. Fair enough, within a few centimeters of it on either side, were the beginnings of wild strawberry plants. The special white flower was sandwiched between the two white strawberry ones.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that the Bobster mistook the one for the other! Oh no, how could I face this man ( they had in the meantime driven off to explore our area ) again. Bob, when I made him aware of having slain the wrong one, felt bad but prefaced it with:

" Jeez, that other flower was a dingy little one. Are you sure it was special ? "
Well, I tore a page out of my diary and wrote a small missive of apology but haven't seen or heard of them since...honestly though, it might have been my fault for assuming Bob would see this small white flower from a few feet away. Let's hope this rare flower will be brave enough to grow again, knowing what's in store...


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