Tuesday, 24 April 2018

For The Love Of Salads.

The choices are endless.

Bob loves to have a salad for lunch and even took one to work when the temperatures were minus ten. The salads we've both discovered, me by making them and Bob by savouring them, are none of the plain ice berg variety in fact far from it. Usually I give lettuce a wide birth at the supermarket because it takes an age to rinse out all the bits, bobs and insects.

Most weekday mornings I devise a salad for Bob's lunch bag and have taken to pre-planning the night before so that any starches we have for dinner, are ample enough to have a portion left over for next day's salad.

Colour is my thing and thus I have to put some red chillies, tomatoes or peppers alongside a batch of cooked corn which gives off a happy yellow and both of our favourite green...cilantro. Add a nice dose of pumpkin seed oil and Bob's your uncle. There is one secret daily ingredient which serves many purposes.

Garlic, a whole glove of it for flavour, health and happiness. My happiness that is...Bob by virtue of working outside all day has acquired a tan, six pack and allure deluxe which makes him hunkier by the day, which is where the garlic comes in. There is enough of it in the salad that if he gets chatted up, the garlic will make sure nobody comes too close to him!


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