Tuesday, 10 April 2018

We Are What We Drink.

Our new adventure.

Some of us are grapes, some barley and others junipers but that's neither here nor there...at the moment Bob and I are enjoying our glass of blended splendid. Every day as soon as Bob gets home from work we concoct a nice shake. A healthy shake. A shake to replenish energy.

Bananas are the backbone of our shake adventure but today I sneaked a spoonful of Chia seeds into it in plain sight. Bob was standing there while watching me assemble various bits, pieces and powders and what normally he wouldn't dream of eating, he drank with gusto and enjoyment.

Not to be outdone, I added a teaspoon of mixed nut butter and oh, my, gosh it tasted divine. Even broccoli wouldn't have called forth a veto. Surely kids who eschew vegetables could be duped with the aide of a blender? The green colour might be a giveaway but worth a try at least.

As soon as the local bees have done their deed, our own orchard should render a nice assortment of fruit to add to our shakes. A few moments ago I mumbled about perhaps taking a trip to Oberwart when I heard a booming reply:

" Oh, get us some more Chia seeds while you are there. "
The blender is worth its weight in gold. My food imagination knows no bounds and Bob seems willing to try it all...spinach, kale, celery and beetroot embedded in banana and peanut butter. Happy blending indeed...