Wednesday, 25 April 2018

A Wine Weekend Is Beckoning.

The annual wine festival has arrived.

This year will be Bob and my third wine festival - Wein Frühling - that we've taken part in. Two days of unlimited transport and wine tasting around our wine area for the princely sum of 39 euros.( I say princely as last year it was 28 euros which could be a classic example used in Economics 101 / demand and supply ). Almost impossible to see them all yet, some die hard's have succeeded. No, not us...

Our good friends from London are arriving on Friday especially to spend the May day weekend sipping the delightful wines of our region. Our third one together and I can't wait to see which route we'll choose. Rechnitz is old hat to us but then again, much can be forgotten in the space of a year. Wherever we end up, will be fun to get to as it's about the journey and not just the destination.

All accommodations are booked out and this weekend our village could easily be mistaken for an university campus as most of the wine lovers will happily wonder about with a glass of wine in or on hand.

Spending a few days ambling seven hours per day to various wine estates in order to taste numerous wines will be an experiment in defying human nature...just picking one or two vintages at each place is akin to standing in front of a huge buffet and only choosing a bowl of soup. The other option of a spittoon has crossed my mind but honestly, each time I've tried it, any semblance of dignity has been sabotaged by the traitorous path of wine dribbling down my chin...


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