Tuesday, 3 April 2018

The Return Of The Perm.

Dallas 2.0?

I am hoping that it was one of these sneaky April fool's pieces because otherwise we might be in for a torrid curly time. Perms of the eighties were pictured which makes sort of sense because everything else gets rehashed. Remember those torn jeans worn with a high waist? Shoulder pads and golden jewellery everywhere?

The younger lot don't know what they are in for but we older lot have a clear idea. F.Y.I your truly doesn't need a perm as I have had curls from word go and have grown to like them. Those of us who have a permanent dome of curls on our head have our own way of living with it. We don't accentuate it, we don't frizz it and we make sure to have a magic potion to turn the kinks into waves. Usually when hairdressers spot natural curls they haul out the Diffuser which strikes fear of poodles into a natural curl possessor.

Having perms get back in style is great for the coiffeur's coffers what with all the time, effort and support products needed. Nothing worse than a frizzy tight perm...

Shoulder pads, oh how I became a slave of them. Even now I don't like looking at old photos, what where we thinking and why did nobody tell us? Last night Bob and I watched the original National Lampoon's Vacation with Chevy Chase from 1983 and even though we were both laughing at the trends of back then, I was remembering owning similar clothes, having similar hairstyles and prancing about proudly with them.

Luckily most of us still own a GHD iron which might come in handy. The younger crop of stylists might not be that used to doing perms and the only other tool to get rid of a bad perm, apart from time and scissors is a straightening iron...


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