Friday, 20 April 2018

Eisenberg Hosts A Mountain Bike Race.

Our village is awash in spandex...

I've read the posters and various advertisement as well as seen the pink ink on the roads but somehow it had slipped my mind until this afternoon. Wherever I drove there was a thin lycra clad lad on a bike making it sheer impossible to overtake. Men with bikes ride to a different set of drums and I won't tell you what Bob says each time he has to overtake a cyclist!

This race is great for our village as it is an important race on the annual race circuit. Participants come from all over Austria and Hungary which tends to give us a bit of a chance to vow them with our wines, vineyards and Buschenschanks not to mention the divine countryside. Of course the Buschenschanks might only be frequented by the support crew unless our local eateries have stepped up to the plate and plated lean morsels.

The race is on Sunday which means that tomorrow there will be an even greater influx of lycra clad lads all over the vineyards and roads. Our local Eisenberg fire department is the official marshal for the race and Bob along with all his fellow firemen has been put on a post to make sure they take the right road...once a few years back the high road was eschewed for the wrong road!

Again a busy weekend is ahead of us but that is what life is all about...


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