Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Our Villages Are Popping Back To Life.

What a difference a week makes.

The lawns are emerald green, the birds unseen yet beautifully vocal and most of the trees are stepping out of their hibernation abode and are busy popping blossoms everywhere.

All trees ( I think they might be cherry ones but honestly, despite walking past them year in and year out, I can't picture their fruit variety ) along Dorfstrasse have turned pink. Gosh, a most stunning start to my day today. It was time for the weekly walk with the gals and merely walking to our meeting point proved to be an elixir for me.

Winter blues have been left behind and everyone is in a better frame of mind. I have opened a window for Mausi and while she is languishing upon it dreamily purveying her domain, I can hear the roar of a few neighbourhood lawnmowers.

In a way it is quite comical to see the gardens prepped to life so as not to be a topic of village gossip. Whereas we try and let nature do its thing, most of the eager gardeners are out en force digging, picking and planting away. Of course that activity spreads like wildfire as nobody wants to be outdone or thought of as not-good- enough in regards to keeping a front lawn interesting...each day another garden is being turned into a copy of the next one. Stepford gardens!

Gnomes, stones and ponds have been resurrected but sadly not many give a thought to our local bees. Have a heart and stop mowing lawns for another few weeks...

Dorfstrasse, pretty in pink...
Despite being a bit overcast this morning, the green fields are amazing.


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