Friday, 27 April 2018

Some More Lilacs Before They Drift Away.

An abundance of perfume is everywhere.

Isn't it amazing how perfectly the lilac shrubs have placed themselves?
The old Kellerstock seems to have all the shapes imaginable.
As eclectic, old fashioned and charming this Kellerstock is, there have been rumours of a ghost residing there...It is standing empty and even though I could easily go and take a look, I'd rather not!
A mere parcel of land but not really. Lawnmower Ferry used to live there and after he died, his house was demolished. How temporary a house today, gone tomorrow and yet we all hang on to them as if our lives depended on them.
The trees in Dorfstrasse have turned a deep mauve and even this morning, in overcast climes it was a joy to behold.


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