Thursday, 12 April 2018

Personalized Post.

Hand delivered too.

All week I've been happily anticipating the arrival of our postman. Not him as such but the gifts he tends to bring. He has a knack of not putting a lot of clear plastic window envelopes through our postbox which is fantastic. Last Friday I ordered some B complex vitamins and shampoo online and they over prophesied a 2-5 day arrival.

Today seemed the perfect compromise between 2 & 5 and as the postman usually does his thing between one and half past, I took a chance to run some errands before that time.

On the last corner before the Eisenberg Vinothek, I saw him double parked on my side of the road busy delivering happiness to another Eisenberger. Naturally I slowed the car down to more of a crawl until I deemed it fine to overtake until he happened to look up and see the car and me. Instantly he waved in a way that anyone expecting a parcel understands. He had the goods on him today and wanted me to have them there and then!.

Before you think you might have skipped back a century in time, let me assure you that in rural climes matters of post are differently run. Brilliantly in fact because it feels great to be known. Checking my mirrors for any traffic ( not much during the day in any case ) I pulled over to the side, put on my hazards and skipped with joy to the yellow van where Mr. Postman was already rummaging through his stash of mail and parcels.

We exchanged pleasantries:

" Oh my gosh, I've been waiting for this parcel all week. Thank you so much!!!! "
and he whipped out the electronic receipt book for me to sign. All proper and by the book...

Again, it's the small stuff that moves mountains, people and reaffirms that being acknowledged makes the world of difference...