Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Our Village Where Everybody Knows Your Car.

...oh, and of course your name, Cheers!

Only a few minutes ago I heard a car hoot impatiently that was clearly outside our front gate and I only heard it because the windows were open for Mausi to ogle the tomcat ( a.k.a. Casanova ) outside. Her favourite late afternoon activity. So, intrigued I stuck my head outside the front door to see who it was, when of course it was none other than my husband, looking ever so dashing and tanned behind the wheel of his company van.

" Hi honey, I'll be a bit late home from work. By the bye, I saw you parked earlier at XYZ but I didn't have time to stop. "
Well, of course Bob knows our car but so does everyone else and car watching can be quite addictive. Who's visiting who and so forth. How anyone could get up to any marital mischief is a mystery to car goes unrecognized!

After my bee-loque the other day, the universe responded and I had to hitch the trailer onto our wagon to drive to my parent's in order to mow their lawn. Believe me, I tried hard but the bees couldn't trump the neighbour's opinions. Anyway, there I was double parked while secretly hoping I wouldn't have to reverse at all, when I noticed a new car on my mental radar. It was idling past me and I recognized the driver only when she parked and got out.

" Oh, sorry that I didn't recognize you at first. I wasn't expecting you in a new car. "
That's when it dawned on me that I too, tend to put cars before people and that I too have worked out a mental time scheme of the various village residents. When in Rome...