Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Walking Wednesday.

Catching up on the latest news...

This morning we walked for ages and had a lovely time. We noticed the buck in the fields, the emerald green of an emerging spring and generally the joys of being able to walk in this part of the world. We chose the Pinka route, which is really a huge rectangle along the edge of Hungary. The wind was strong enough to redden our cheeks and despite turning into different directions it followed us. No respite but luckily for me no complaints.

The four of us had so much to chat about ( amazing how many newsworthy tidbits a small village like Eisenberg generates! ) and discuss that before we knew it, we'd done 13 500 steps. Not to shabby and when I told the gals they were thrilled and immediately planned on how to replace that used up energy. One might go to the Chinese restaurant and splurge on Sushi & co, while another would host a cheese fondue and yet another inspect the Easter chocolate stash a bit more closely.

Later in the afternoon I went to visit an elderly gentleman who lives about a kilometer away and on the way there I had a nice exchange with a man planting his kitchen garden. Always good to know what grows and when to let it.

Walking past the different yards gave me a glimpse of chickens pecking away, a cat dashing across the road, horses being shod in a yard and birds tweeting gaily all along my route. Despite the sun peeking through, the wind was howling and whipping this way and that yet, again I had an opportunity to sample another slice of paradise life.


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