Sunday, 1 April 2018

Woke Up To A Foot Of Snow.

Bob's year.

Bob couldn't wait to wake me up and tell me that it had snowed overnight and a lot too. Over a foot. Groaning with displeasure at the vagaries of nature, I bundled over to the window and for some reason, I couldn't see any white stuff.

Dozy as I was, I moved from one window to the next, eventually mumbling:

" Schatzi, I can't see it. Are you sure? "
About three seconds later, the penny dropped and the importance of today, apart from being Easter Sunday dawned on me. April Fool's! Well done to Bob for getting me and with such a simple one as well.

We had our parents over for an Easter brunch and they'd clearly forgotten the date. Normally they are the ones keeping April fool's alive and well with a perfectly placed fictional doggy doo. Gosh, throughout the years dogs have mysteriously climbed to an eight floor flat, entered a number of kitchens and once, even a boat in the middle of an ocean. Of course the day's still young and perhaps a pack of dogs will descend upon a yard in Deutsch Schützen.

So far, the only other April fool's joke I saw was from Felix Neureuther posting his invention of an airbag for the forehead, to be used apres ski in order to protect the face when falling down drunk.

As for me getting even with Bob, I feel like the iconic Cato from Pink Panther. Watch out Schatzi because you'll never know when I'll April fool you.


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