Thursday, 5 April 2018

An Afternoon Of Horse And Hound,

A change of plans.

Timing is everything unfortunately I didn't choose the right one. Wanting to visit one of my old gals I deemed half past two a perfect time. Lunch over, snooze done and no soap opera until half past three ( for her that is ). It would have worked out perfectly if she'd been a home. Oh well, at least I got some beautiful photos of her divine flower bed.

On the way back home ( she lives not far from us ) I walked a slightly different route trying to up the ante on my step counter which is still a new toy for me and makes me want to challenge it.

Admiring the gardens, trees and fences along the way I couldn't help but notice the neighbourhood hound's toys scattered all over the place. Well, she is not really a hound to be afraid of but rather a young Labrador who is bored out of the borders of her fence. She goes walk about and even committed a horrible crime a few weeks back...the fence of Willy's chicken yard was a mere show piece and sadly she played a bit too rough with a few electric fence up and running.

Today she was sitting not far from an elderly lady who loves to sit on her bench watching the world go by and the dog sat there avidly watching her but ignoring every command to return home. When the dog noticed me stopping for a chat, it fetched another one of its scattered toys and proudly gave it to me. A monkey who had seen better days.

After a while I set off home and wasn't really surprised to have a new follower. As I adore dogs, like my step counter and felt sorry for her loneliness I decided to go for an extra loop with her, taking her right to her front yard at the end. Thankfully she stayed alongside me and didn't scare any fowl, neighbours or cats. When we closed in on her home, she found the outer layer of scattered squeaky toys and played with one long enough for me to disappear. Might have found a new walking pal...

Sepp and Gabi's horse seemed awestruck at my antics...


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