Monday, 16 April 2018

Not Keeping Up With The Joneses...

For Bees' sake!

Monday morning saw me on the road to Güssing killing four birds with a simple stone. A visit to our bank in Deutsch Schützen, a quick top up at the local garage as the chariot has been warning us about a low level of engine cooler ( the owner of Pree is the best and most helpful ever ), a nice hour of catching up with a resident of the Güssing Old Age Home and of course the replenishing of our larder at the appropriate shops. Gosh, what a busy bee I was.

Monday seems to be the Designer Mummies shopping escape after dropping juniors off at school...big SUV's and dressed in skinny designer gear. Anyway as I was driving into town, traffic was non existent and it afforded me the opportunity to have a squizz at the brightly coloured verges everywhere.

The dandelions dotted the emerald green grass with yellow delight and the mere fact that they were so abundant and tall could mean only one thing...Güssing's Mayor is putting bees before neatness. Well, I assume he is because wherever I drove about in his town, the lawns had that divine hippie flair.

Somehow I have a feeling that it might just be the garden service off sick but one can hope, can't one? Bees are already having such a torrid time finding fare in our modern crazy world that it surely wouldn't hurt us to wait a few more weeks to chop the lawns.

Driving back home through Deutsch Schützen or rather buzz cut central, the lawns are folding like dominoes to the collective peer pressure of wanting to not be outdone by the Joneses. Even here in Eisenberg they are not immune to it and the buzzing of a plethora of lawnmowers is constant. Bob's already chomping at the bit but so far the bees have the upper hand and enough to eat.