Friday, 31 August 2012

What to cook when an exceptional chef comes to stay ?

Slight panic at the thought of cooking for a Chef.

Since we moved here, we count the time, in increments of friends and family visiting. It's sounds something like this,
" It's only 5 weeks until .... arrives " or
" can you believe that my folks left here 8 weeks ago ".

It gives us something nice to look forward to and now, in five weeks time, Bob's cousin and her family are coming to visit us. We are so, so excited and can hardly wait to show them our beautiful Burgenland and actually just to be with them and catch up on stuff. Only one tiny problem. Her son ( he is coming as well ) is an exceptionally experienced chef, who is participating in the Olympic Cooking competition. I mean, wow, what an achievement.

The other night, I woke up in a cold sweat, thinking, no worrying...What do I cook for him ? None of my usual pasta and tomatoes, or my medley of vegetables ( more of a mush, really ) will do. They'll be here long enough, that I will have to produce something warm at some of the time. Having seen lots of cooking shows, he will most likely look at our kitchen and declare it unsafe or something similar. Our kitchen is right slap bang in the middle of our house, so hiding while cooking is definitely not an option !

There are some places we can go out to eat, but not enough.
Having known the chef before he became one, I know that he is not fussy as such, but if you create such beautiful meals for a living, no, actually as a vocation, eating food will always be important to him. I will just have to cook as usual, and hope he does not hate it too much. As a plan B, I have decided to rope in his mum, and let her cook for us ( she doesn't know it yet ) !

Let me know if you have any suggestions on what to cook ?