Thursday, 15 March 2018

A Day Spent With A Chisel & Hammer In Hand.

Another wall gets stripped to its bare bricks.

We needed a big breakfast before we attempted to do our day's tasks. When the church bells chimed the start of the eight o'clock mass, the two of us were busy chiseling the old plaster off the remaining walls. Yesterday we had started and now, the one side of our house is looking decidedly designer bricked. Looks rather nice and if it weren't so dusty, we both would have loved to keep it natural.

My fingers are refusing to uncurl properly which makes typing this missive rather interesting. Throughout the day I kept on switching between my left arm and right when I swung the hammer at the wall because I don't want to end up with disparate shoulders. Bob hasn't switched arms and he might have to walk with one side forward to show off his added muscles.

Despite taking the kit out of the plaster, working side by side with Bob has kitted us closer. And no, we've not had any arguments...yet. Bob being a gentleman to the bone, took on the major share of work and took charge of the only ladder we had so that I didn't have to climb it. Ah, what a gent.

During our designated lunch hour I heated up last night's leftover brown rice with a medley of fresh vegetables thrown in. Done and dusted in five minutes and more importantly, eaten in two.

" Who knew that vegetables could taste so nice. "
which I was happy to hear and glad I hadn't added ginger...yes, Bob had found it earlier today among the cutlery. Goodness me, who put it there...


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