Monday, 19 March 2018

Nature's Last Laugh.

A spring deferred.

Just last week Bob was considering wearing shorts and t-shirts and the only thing that kept him from doing it was the glare of his pale pins. Thankfully we didn't overdo the joys of spring by changing our winter wardrobe into the summer one because the last few days have had a touch of winter's revenge. Snow, ice and cold have decided to settle upon us once more.

Hard to imagine that only last week I had hung a whole slew of laundry outside. There really is nothing better than clothes drying in the sunshine soaking up a hint of summer.

This week the builders are coming to reshape the outside of our house although with the cold weather we've been thrown out by two days but at least Bob and I have organized all the bits and pieces they need. As we didn't have an outside tap we've finally bought a water pump to dangle in our natural well out back. Thankfully the carrying of bucket after bucket is nearing an end.

As for all our chiseling, our hands have had time to recover over the weekend and the blue hammer marks on my left hand have faded. The first few hammer swings were spot on but after a while fatigue set in...

I must say that it is very exciting to be able to see our house in a new coat next week. A lot of neighbours have kindly given Bob and I advice and anecdotes of their building mishaps, but so far we've resisted the lure of insulation materials which most of our neighbours have embraced. Let's see how our house will fare and I am pretty sure that years down the line, should the occasion arise, someone will tell us;

" I told you so. " or " Thank goodness we followed your lead. "


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