Sunday, 25 March 2018

A Few Moments Of My Week.

Bricks again...

Doesn't this just sum up a weekend? These green gems are shown to perfection on a typical Burgenland day, which we had a few this week. Blue skies and warm sunshine.
Deutsch Schützen from another side. The edge of town actually.
On the other hand, our house on the edge of Eisenberg is being exposed one brick at a time...the plot thickens and the anticipation quickens. case you are wondering what Bob and I've been up to this weekend, wonder no more...It is such a shame we can't keep the brick look as both of us love it.
Possibly the hardest bit of this job is carting all the rubble away. Remember, we first have to shovel it off the floor and if you've ever tried to put a spade among loose stone, plaster, sand mingling with bits of bricks, you'll know why.


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