Wednesday, 7 March 2018

" I'm Glad You Asked, It's A Good Question. "

A tell tale sign?

Bob and I often choose the entertaining news channels to keep up to date and on track with what's happening around the world. One has to know some of the current events at least and sometimes ( a lot recently ) it gives an opportunity for laughter even if only to circumvent any crying. At times one can only shake one's head!

Out of the blue, well not actually because it's always the same sentence that sets him off, Bob will shout irate stuff at our television. Answering a question from the news anchor, quite often the reporter's answer starts like this:

" That's a great question, I am glad you asked it. "
which to both of us is code for: Oh gosh, I don't know how to answer this as I haven't got a clue...

Well, to set the cat among the pigeons...the other evening, Bob asked me what I was going to make for supper ( implying that I should get on with it already! ) when I answered him:

" Well Schatzi, that's a great question and I am glad you asked it. "
and turned back to sipping my wine and watching the latest ruckus happening at that big white house over the pond...

It's nice to see that I can still make my husband laugh out loud!


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