Thursday, 29 March 2018

Peace & Quiet Returns.

The walls are done.

Lime paint ( whitewash ) is a tricky thing to understand. It's natural, it's cheap and it takes some time to dry and that's the fly in the spectator ointment. Before it dries it is everything but stunning.

Once before I'd painted a wall with this powder based paint and thus knew the time it would take to be a normal wall. Today it has rained the whole day and once the builders left, the walls were finished but the yard was a sight. Bits and pieces among the muddy paths in our yard made it imperative to use one's imagination.

As luck would have it, Bob and most of his work mates arrived minutes after the builders had left. It transpired that they all were lime paint novices and it took me at least a half an hour to explain the process. Goodness me, men are an odd lot...if they had had a magnifying glass they'd have used it to point out any tiny perceived flaw. Never mind the sudden increase in neigbhourhood drive byes.

Once I told them that it takes time for the paint to dry and settle, they calmed down but they'll do a second inspection for sure...

As for our cats, they are giddy with happiness at having their respective lairs back. Tigger has become more loving toward us, Mausi is still clinging to my apron strings while I am extremely glad ( but also grateful for being able to have it done ) that this week is over...well not quite as there is oodles of cleaning up to be done.


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